Sugar Cookies- Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask...

If you haven't already noticed, we love to make sugar cookies.  Over the years we have learned what works best for us and what does not.  We have thrown out a few bad batches of sugar cookies (blasphemy!)  However, we have also posted some beautiful work to Instagram that were a glorious result of all of our trial and error.  We have developed a great Sugar Cookie Team here at CC's.  We have decided that we would like to impart some of our knowledge on to you.  If you would like to join us on this journey, we will be chronicling the journey on a weekly basis.  

We will begin with the basics, next week we will introduce you to cookie dough.  We will share our thoughts on the type of dough we use and why.  We will open up our forum to questions and answers and based upon feedback from our audience, we feel that a live Facebook Event should coincide with our blog posts.

Thanks for reading what we hope will be the first of many posts.  We will start with cookies and make our way to the many other products we offer in the bakery.  

Without further ado here is the team at CC's Sweets & Tweets that is mostly responsible for the amazing cookies you can purchase for your next event.

Roberta Castillo- Co-Owner CC's Sweets & Tweets.  Head Baker mess maker and over all crazy lady.

Iracy Ary- Cookie Designer Disney Aficionado and Life Long Band Nerd

Ashley Ramirez- Cookie Designer, Croissant Maker and Shop 112 Stylist. the one with the multi color (mostly blue) hair.