The Canvas

Roll Out Sugar Cookies

To achieve the perfectly decorated cookie you have to start with the perfect canvas.  I bet you wanna know what that is....We have searched hi and low and found 2 candidates.  Let's See which is the best choice.  

First we started with a Chewy Sugar Cookie Adapted from The Food Networks Kitchen.

This cookie works well as a rolled out cookie, it does not need refrigeration, However if you look below you will see that the dough spreads slightly during baking.  This is great if you and the kiddos are having fun in the kitchen!  However not so great if you are making eiffel towers for your BFF's Bridal Shower. (you've seen the pinterest fails)

We scooped this dough out and added sprinkles to it and it was probably our new fave Cookie....maybe better than the snickerdoodle? NO NEVER!


Rolled Sugar Cookie Dough.

Adapted from the Food Network Alton Brown


This Cookie For the Win!  It has a soft flaky texture (you can see the layers) and does not spread as you Bake it.  Word of caution when rolling it may seem a bit crumbly.  You can add more milk than we did ( we only used 1 tblsp) .  Also, the recipe calls for using powdered sugar to roll them out.  We opted for flour and Ashley's muscle power and strong will and determination.  Next time maybe Bert will share the tips with Ashley before she starts rolling them out.   

We decided that some of you may not take our word for it and want to search on your own.  That's cool...I guess....we just want to hook yall up with some tips...

All Kidding aside, know what it is you are searching for.  If you want a specific shape and you don't want your cookies to spread during baking, stay away from key words usch as Chewy Crispy Drop, soft, Easy and No Roll.  Search instead for  Cut out, Rolled,  Classic or Basic.  Or you can opt for a shortbread for a more buttery taste.

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