No Cutter? No Problem!

Have you ever wanted to make a special cookie shape and didn't have the cutter?  We've seen other blogs that show us how to use cutters we have on hand.  One of our faves Sweet Sugar Belle has one here. However, there are times when that just won't do!  We have to get creative and we want to show y'all how we do it.

We felt the best way to show you was to actually show you so we have made a little video tutorial:


Quick Tips:

  • Work with VERY Cold Dough
  • Sometimes we like to use firm dough meaning we add a little extra flour to the dough for a better outcome.
  • Use a little corn starch on your exacto knife
  • use your fingers to smooth any rough edges
  • as these are tedious we do not recommend for very large batches maybe a dozen or two.
  • We do recommend a good shortbread recipe for this one 




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