We use Delivery Bite for our deliveries.  Visit their website here: Delivery Bite-CC's Sweets.  

Ordering is that Simple:

  1. Check out our Daily Menu for Cupcakes or Macarons.
  2. Go to their website -Delivery Bite- CC's Sweets & Tweets
  3. Choose the item or items you would like to have delivered.
  4. Add any special requests or comments in the comment sectionAsk us to include a bow and enclosure card or even a birthday candle-It's FREE!
  5. Tell them where to send it
  6. Pay for your items. 
  7. Wait for the text messages from Delivery Bite, they will tell you the status of your delivery. (usually about 1 hour)
  8. Enjoy!  or Wait for the Thank you Phone call from the recipient!